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Internationale Vorträge seit 2004


London, 14.-17.04.2019: IGU-CGE Conference "Recontextualising Geography", University College London, Institute of Education

  • Eberth, A.: Teaching about Space and Place – The Example of Everyday Geographies of Young People living in the Slums of Nairobi, Kenya
  • Haubner, R./Meyer, C.: Conflicts of Objectives regarding Sustainable Development and Young People’s Ideas for their Solutions – Participation of Pupils for Designing a Sustainable Municipality
  • Meyer,C./Höbermann, C.: From Fast Fashion to Fair and Slow Fashion – Raising Awareness of Young People for Sustainable Production and Consumption


Québec, 07./08.08.2018: IGU Regional Conference „Appreciating Difference"

  • Röll, V./Meyer, C.: Urban World Cultural Heritage from the Perspective of Young People – A Potential Contribution to Sustainability?
  • Meyer, C.: How (far) can Geography Education contribute to a Societal Transformation? 

Braunschweig, 16.07.2018: European Workshop of the UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) on Integrating SDG 4.7 in Textbooks of Core Subject Textbooks for Sustainable Development - An Embedding Approach, Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research

  • Meyer, C./Eberth, A.: Embedding Education for Sustainable Development in a Geography Textbook.

Granada, 14.06.2018: Heritage 2018 - 6th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development, University of Granada

  • Röll, V.: World Cultural Heritage from the Perspective of Young People – Preliminary Results of a Qualitative Study

Moscow, 06.06.2018: The 2018 IGU Thematic Conference "Practical Geography and XXI Century Challenges", Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Meyer, C.: Raising Awareness for Transformation - The Significance of Values Education for Sustainable Development
  • Mittrach, S.: "The True Cost - Who Pays the Price for Our Clothing?" - Pupils' Perceptions of the Fast Fashion Industry 


Schloss Rauischholzhausen, Ebsdorfergrund, 14.-16.11.2017: 3. Tagung der Wissenschaftsinitiative zum Lernort Bauernhof: Lernort Bauernhof. Neue Impulse für Forschung und Praxis

Basel, 30.06.2017: European Conference on African Studies, Universität Basel

  • Eberth, A.: Place Identification of the Youth living in a Slum in Nairobi/Kenya – The Potential of Hermeneutic Photography for visualizing Everyday Life in a Context of Urban Informality

Boston, 08.04.2017: American Association of Geographers: Annual Meeting
Panel: Spatial thinking, map understanding, and geospatial technologies in geography education: International case studies (Geography Education Speciality Group)

  • Meyer, C.: Enhancing GIS Expertise through Blended Learning in Higher Education

New Delhi, 01.03.2017: mirambika - Research Centre for Integral Education and Human Values

  • Meyer, C.: Music in Geography Lessons – Enhancing Cultural Approaches to People and Places in Values Education


Singapore: IGU-CGE Conference "Geography that Matters – Empowering Learners for a Diverse World"

  • Meyer, C.: Geography and Music – Enhancing Cultural Approaches to People and Places in Values Education 

Beijing: 33rd International Geographical Congress (IGC) "Shaping Our Harmonious Worlds"

  • Meyer, C.: The Vision of Wangari Maathai in Geographical Education – “Taking Root” and “Replenishing the Earth”
  • Meyer, C.: Geography and Music – Enhancing Cultural Approaches to People and Places in Values Education
  • Eberth, A.: Pictures and Images of a Slum in Nairobi – The Potential of Hermeneutic Photography for Geographical Education 


Nairobi: Wangari Maathai Institute

  • Meyer, C.: Values and Ethics concerning Agricultural Issues in Geography Education

Kopenhagen: Plan Denmark

  • Eberth, A.: From Space to Place: Urban Youth in Kenya

Paris: 6th European Conference on African Studies, Universität Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne

  • Eberth, A.: Everyday Life of the Youth in the Informal Settlements of Nairobi, Kenya: Place Identification of an Empowering Civil Society - a Contribution for Urban Transformation? 


Krakau: IGU Regional Conference "Changes, Challenges, Responsibilities"

  • Meyer, C.: Enquiry-based Learning with Regard to Values in Agricultural Issues and Ethics – Challenges for Teacher Formation in Geography and ESD


Kyoto: IGU Regional Conference "Traditional Wisdom and Modern Knowledge for the Earth’s Future"

  • Meyer C.: Culture and Values in Geography Education – Some Suggestions concerning Traditional Wisdom and Modern Knowledge

Istanbul: 2nd Spectrum of Education Symposium, FMV Ozel Ayazaga Isik Lisesi and the Türk Kültür Vakfı "Geographies, Cultures and People"

  • Meyer, C.: Geography Teaching and Learning in Germany – Focusing on Cultural Understanding and Diversity


London: IGU-CGE Symposium "Curriculum Making in Geography"

  • Meyer, C.: Reflections on Moral and Ethical Judgement in German Geographical Education


Luzerne: IGU-CGE Symposium "Geographical Views On Education for Sustainable Development"

  • Meyer, C.: What do Geography Teachers-to-be Think about the Value of Geographical Education at Schools in Germany? Subjective Theories as a Basis in Professional Development


Glasgow: Pre-Conference of IGU Commission on Geographical Education "Expanding Horizons in a Shrinking World"

  • Meyer, C.: Bilingual Geography – What Do German Students Think about Geography Lessons in English?